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Boy, Born July 2007 Chase is a handsome Roma boy with dark hair, olive skin and giant brown eyes.   He needs a loving family of his own to bring him out of his shell and to finally feel comfortable and safe. From his medical records:  obvious mental delay, poor understanding, almost does not speak, nervous, […]


Guest Blogger: Chandres Pickett and Phyllis Stephenson

Family for all Ages Being Called to Adopt an Older Child by Chandres Pickett and Phyllis Stephenson As a society, we typically think of family and children with a vision of newborn babies, soft clothing, and new beginnings. This new journey fills us with hope and wonder for the future of our children. We dream of children […]


Grayden #

Boy: 2006 Listed: May 2017 Grayden was born prematurely and suffered an intraventricular hemorrhage. His diagnoses include Congenital Cardiac malformation (moderately large inter-chamber cardiac defect), atresia of the duodenum – condition after surgery, moderate mental delay, hypotrophy first-second degree, Iron-insufficiency anemia and lagging in the neuro-psychological development. The child is active, walks alone and takes part […]



You Shop. You Save. Goodshop Gives. Goodshop Sunday is this week! The Goodshop Sunday countdown has officially begun!   Find the best deals at thousands of stores, and Goodshop will donate to Reece’s Rainbow when you shop!   Register and choose Reece’s Rainbow! Use our referral link! Shop and save with the best deals Get the latest coupons and offers at […]



Girl, born March 2006 PRC Down syndrome Listed: October 29, 2015 Susan is active and outgoing. She needs some time to be familiar with strangers and will interact with you if you are familiar. She gets along with others very well. She can communicate with others basically. She would help others to get utensils out. […]



Girl, born 2011 Listed September 11, 2015 Phenylketonuria, also known as PKU New pic January 2017!  From a volunteer in August 2016:   “I was happy to see that Leena is still the same strong willed young girl as last year. She is available for adoption now! She was a little calmer than last year, […]



Boy, born June 2012 PRC Ankle joint contracture of both knees and muscular tension of limbs reduced   Ezrah can keep his head steadily and can hold his head up; he can stand up with wrists held slightly; he can recognize the aunt who cares him, can make sound of ma-ma, nai-nai, can shake and […]


Mary’s Lemonade Stand

Three years ago, at the age of 5, Mary approached her mom about having a lemonade stand prior to the end of summer (which was quickly approaching as she was starting kindergarten the following week).  Her mom agree to it and they picked a day for her project and purchased the necessary supplies.  The evening before […]



Girl, Born September 7, 2008 NEW PIC JANUARY 2016! Hannah is a darling girl who needs a family.   MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE. Listed: Aug 6, 2010 From her medical records:  absence of rectum, cranial bones deformity, multiple development pathologies, severe dermatitis, delay of development but she is very smart and active.    Hannah is a very friendly girl. She likes […]



  “It Makes a Difference to This One” is our newest awareness campaign!     Please let the world know that it DOES matter, each child, each adoption, each family, each CHANCE to be found….matters.   Grab our buttons & other graphics from the blog!    Click Here to put our ‘It Makes a Difference’ […]



Boy, born September 2004 Listed: May 4, 2011 This handsome fellow has a mild mental delay.   Can’t you just imagine him in a family with a bunch of siblings to chase around outside?   *** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For […]



Boy, Born March 2008 Listed: February 22, 2011 Past leukemia, delay of psychological and motor development, skull deformation (almost flat on the back), congenital isotropy of both eyes (crossed eyes) NEW PIC January 2017 What a CUTIE!   Presley is a sweet boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  He is a very happy and […]


Have a Yard Sale!

If you're looking for an easy way to raise some money for a child's adoption grant fund, having a yard/garage sale is a great way to do it!   "Yard-salers" are a true culture of their own!  These folks are die-hards, and are out as early as the sun is up on Friday and Saturday mornings.  […]


Other Ways You Can Help

Dear Friends, every day I reflect on the words of James 1:27, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans… in their distress.” Purchase t-shirts and other gifts from the Reece’s Rainbow  STORE! Shop through iGive at over 650 online stores to earn corporate donations for Reece’s […]


Grant Resources

Reece’s Rainbow is an excellent resource for your special needs adoption fundraising efforts, but there are MANY other grant funds and organizations out there who provide grant funding for our families.  Some are income-based, some are Christian-based, and some have other criteria.  Below is a list of grant agencies we are aware of.  It is not […]


Financing Your Adoption

(because the life of your CHILD is worth whatever the cost!) “For every mountain there is a miracle.” Robert H. Schuller Many families are hesitant to consider adopting internationally because of what seem like exorbitant costs.  Country fees, agency fees, court costs, travel costs… tons of reasons to not bother. Reece’s Rainbow aims to provide […]



Girl, Born October  2007 Oh Darina, how she has regressed :(((   We had such a darling photo of her from two years ago, and to see her like this now breaks my heart.   She could have come so far and been spared this ;( Darina struggles with CP.  She has compensated internal hydrocephaly as well.  […]


Adoption Process

This information is provided to potential adoptive families/individuals at no cost to you. Your adoption agency will also be able to help you with this, but some people like to know ahead of time exactly what to expect. It is good to do things in THIS ORDER…the “multi-tasker” knows to start one thing so other […]