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Girl, Born March 2006 Poor Haven……sweet little girl.   Such a pretty girl burdened with such medical and cognitive difficulties….and no mama to love her through them. From her medical records:  celiac disease, CP, toxic Hepatitis, hypotrophy of III stage Listed: February 22, 2011 From our team who visited there: Haven is afraid of strangers and would […]


TESIA for the Bearce family — MA

My name is Heather: Steve and I have been together for 7 years! We have a biological daughter, Zee, who is almost 4 and an adopted daughter from China, Mal, (listed here on Reeces Rainbow as Adeline) that is 5. I have always wanted to adopt a child and after a bit of convincing, Steve […]

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Girl, born 2011 Listed September 11, 2015 Phenylketonuria, also known as PKU New pic January 2017!  From a volunteer in August 2016:   “I was happy to see that Leena is still the same strong willed young girl as last year. She is available for adoption now! She was a little calmer than last year, […]


Sally 26HA

  mc0v-26HA Girl, born September 2008 Eyes: Blue Hair: blond Character: calm Such a little sweetpea! Little Sally has perinatal exposure to HIV; she was born slightly prematurely, at 35-36 weeks gestationally. She was born with Down syndrome, and a heart defect; an open atrioventicular canal. Complete form of atria septal defect – 4 mm, […]



Boy, Born March 2008 Listed: February 22, 2011 Past leukemia, delay of psychological and motor development, skull deformation (almost flat on the back), congenital isotropy of both eyes (crossed eyes) NEW PIC January 2017 What a CUTIE!   Presley is a sweet boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  He is a very happy and […]



Boy, Born July 2007 Chase is a handsome Roma boy with dark hair, olive skin and giant brown eyes.   He needs a loving family of his own to bring him out of his shell and to finally feel comfortable and safe. From his medical records:  obvious mental delay, poor understanding, almost does not speak, nervous, […]



Girl, Born October  2007 Oh Darina, how she has regressed :(((   We had such a darling photo of her from two years ago, and to see her like this now breaks my heart.   She could have come so far and been spared this ;( Darina struggles with CP.  She has compensated internal hydrocephaly as well.  […]


ELLA for the Spicer Family — TX

COLOMBIA It was a year ago that I picked up my little Ella for the first time in Cali, Colombia! In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s already been a year and in other ways I can’t believe we haven’t always had her! It is amazing the difference a year has made. At first […]

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